How To Deal With Nightmare Tenants

How To Deal With Nightmare Tenants

Tim Hong is a veteran real estate investment coach. He specializes in helping real estate investors get properties in the Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge area and is one of the coaches on the iWIN real estate team.

Tim also owns investment properties and operates a property management company where he manages many properties for his investor clients. 

I have Tim on our YouTube channel today to share his funniest and craziest stories about his experience with tenants and how he’s helped his clients navigate the challenges of buying or selling properties with difficult tenants. 

Spoiler alert: This video includes stripper poles, “special services” in lieu of rent payment and naked tenants.

Watch the video below.

Until next time, happy Canadian Real Estate Investing, and don’t forget to SUMMER HARD, and spend as much time as possible outdoors.

Cherry Chan, CPA, CA

Your Real Estate Accountant

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