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To incorporate or not incorporate, that is the question I get the most from real estate investors during my speaking events.

And it’s completely understandable why someone would want to incorporate their real estate portfolio as there are tax advantages to doing so.

But incorporating is not right for every investor. There are many factors to determining if it’s the right move for your real estate business or not.

In this report I break down those determining factors into 7 easy questions you need to ask yourself before you go looking for a professional real estate accountant to help you set up a corporation for your income properties.

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With the 1 million immigrants coming to Canada in the next 3 years (historically about 40% come to Ontario), it’s almost inevitable that we’ll have housing shortages and crazy rental increases. It’s basic economic principal – supply and demand. High demand and low supply = high prices.

Fortunately (for people who are already in the market) and unfortunately (for people who don’t have properties yet), we must learn to deal with the rising real estate prices.

For the smarter ones (i.e. real estate investors), they may even take advantage of these rising home prices and make some quick profits by flipping properties.

So, what are the 6 tax tips we have for real estate flippers and renovators?

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The Tax Man is often the most ignored partner in your business.

He usually gets a big chunk of your return.

For those of you who are considering selling your principal residence, you can be reassured that you likely won’t have to pay any tax on your home provided that you meet certain conditions.

For those of you who are considering selling one of your investment properties, the tax implication can be a bit more complicated.

There are two steams of income you would need to pay tax on: (1) capital gain and (2) recapture. Download the report to learn more.

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Have you ever considered investing in land development? This area of real estate investing often eludes most people. This report provides 7 tips for income property investors to smoothly transition into the world of land development.