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We specialize in working with real estate investors, real estate developers, property managers, contractors, real estate agents, mortgage agents and small business owners who also invest in real estate.

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Corporate Tax Preparation
The easiest way to file your taxes.
Financial Statements Preparation
Professionally done so you are ready for lenders and business partners.
Bookkeeping Training and Set-up
We can coach you towards bookkeeping success
Take the Anxiety out of your taxes!
Personal Tax Return
Get it done right.
Tax Planning
Minimize your taxes with proper planning and advice

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A corporation cannot invest in RRSP, but there are other retirement strategies that you can use in the corporation.

Depending on what your retirement savings needs are, there are investment strategies including insurance planning, investing in stock markets and real estate using your corporate earnings, and many more options.

You can even build a pension plan just for yourself within your corporation that is fully deductible inside the corporation as well.

That is something that is not available when you own your business in your personal name.

If the investment properties that you own in the corporation are considered long-term buy and hold then you are still enjoying the capital gain treatment.

So, 50% of the profit on the sale of the property will be taxable and income can be spread over multiple years.

With corporations, you have a lot of flexibility. 

CLICK HERE to watch the TFSA video series to find out.

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