How to Consistently Find Cash Flowing Properties & Structure Creative Financing

How to Consistently Find Cash Flowing Properties & Structure Creative Financing

Have you ever wondered how other real estate investors can consistently find cash flowing real estate properties while yours (and mine included) could barely break even?

Have you ever wondered how investors using creative strategies to structure their deals (or else these deals would not close)?

As a relatively independent woman myself, I have mental block when it comes down to real estate investing.  I often had to turn to my husband for a second opinion.  Have you also got some mental blocks to overcome when you decide to invest?

In today’s blog post, I have the opportunity to speak with Sarah Coupland, a successful female real estate entrepreneur who own a few multi-unit buildings, on the answers of all these questions.

Buying properties that are deemed uninhabitable is a common strategy, but it works. When you buy this type of properties, make sure you review your numbers carefully – as financing cost during the renovation period is often higher than a regular residential purchase.

Make sure you always go back to the cash flow numbers, stress test them before making the investment decision.

Tax structure also plays a significant role, depending on the type of financing you are getting, especially with vendor take back mortgage – which can help you with negotiating a better deal.  You can learn more about vendor take back mortgage tax savings in this previous article.  

Until next time, happy Canadian Real Estate Investing.

Cherry Chan, CPA, CA

Your Real Estate Accountant

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