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The War on Small Business Owners and Landlords

I don’t follow politics. I am a simple business owner, responsible mom and adult.  We invest in real estate so our kids’ future education will be covered and we can retire with our own money. We work hard, live frugally, take care of our parents and kids, save for our future and retirement fund. Then […]

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Unfair Proposed Tax Changes Entrepreneurs Need to Know About

Nothing makes me more upset when reading this consulting paper released by the Finance Minister this past Tuesday. Our government always seems to forget, the objective behind taxing people is to raise sufficient funds to provide for our public services. Using the term “tax fairness” is like a joke.  Because the Tax Man isn’t taxing […]


Try this Little Known Secret to Stress Test your Portfolio for Interest Rate Hikes & a 2-Step Test to Determine Your Working Relationship as Subcontractor or Employee

We finally managed to purchase a new rental property and take advantage of the equity in our properties. We signed the mortgage paper on our refinancing and new rental property purchase yesterday. And then Bank of Canada finally announced a rate hike. ☹ Am I concerned? I am still sticking with my own investing philosophy. […]