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5 Lessons Learned from Tax Season

HoHoHo!  April finally passed! I must thank my entire team for pulling through this tax season with me.  It’s not easy, and we have a lot of room for improvements. What better way to celebrate the end of tax season and the beginning of spring, but with the latest blockbuster: Avengers: Infinity War? Erwin and […]

3 Sad Facts About Ontario’s Free Daycare Proposal

There’s no free lunch.  Or, is there? Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne just announced a free daycare proposal. She’s going to implement free daycare by 2020 for children over 2.5 years old until they are old enough to go to kindergarten. Since we talked about how our Ontario Government cheated on its financial statements in the […]

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6 Tax Tips That Flippers or Renovators Should Not Miss

With the 1 million immigrants coming to Canada in the next 3 years (historically about 40% come to Ontario), it’s almost inevitable that we’ll have housing shortages and crazy rental increases. It’s basic economic principal – supply and demand.  High demand and low supply = high price. It can be crazy the amount of rent […]