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How a 220sf Condo Got 724% Return in 5 Years

It’s March break.  Between losing one hour of sleep and driving the kids around, I’m deep into tax season reviewing files and answering clients’ questions.It’s busy and difficult.  We’re super grateful that the local…
3 Investment Tips Every Real Estate Investor Can Benefit From
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3 Investment Tips Every Real Estate Investor Can Benefit From

This past week went by fast. It was a fun filling weekend with my mom and my family. We took the kids to a Pirate show downtown Toronto. We even got my mom, who's usually serious, to dress up!My mom is my superhero. She's inspired me to…

You Need to Use the '5 Second Rule' to Get Anything Done & Here's Why the 15% Foreign Buyers Tax Won’t Work

Many of you have probably heard about 5 second rule before.  Usually it is related to dropping food on the floor, but if you pick up the food within 5 second, you can still eat it.The 5 second rule I am talking about is a book written…
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4 Recent Tax Updates That Would Affect Principal Residence Deduction

It’s getting cold.Before it gets to freezing cold, we took our kids to a nearby farm to pick apples this past weekend.As we parked our car to enter the farm, we saw two bus loads of Chinese tourists entering the farm.I don’t…
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Why Foreign Buyers Shouldn’t be Blamed for Rising Housing Prices

3 reps of 155lbs deadlifts! :)If you don't know what deadlifts are, I've attached my own pictures here for your reference. :) (You can probably see that I was biting my lips for my final lift.)Honestly, 155lbs in the lifting world is so…