You Need to Use the '5 Second Rule' to Get Anything Done & Here's Why the 15% Foreign Buyers Tax Won’t Work

Many of you have probably heard about 5 second rule before.  Usually it is related to dropping food on the floor, but if you pick up the food within 5 second, you can still eat it.The 5 second rule I am talking about is a book written…
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4 Recent Tax Updates That Would Affect Principal Residence Deduction

It’s getting cold.Before it gets to freezing cold, we took our kids to a nearby farm to pick apples this past weekend.As we parked our car to enter the farm, we saw two bus loads of Chinese tourists entering the farm.I don’t…
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Why Foreign Buyers Shouldn’t be Blamed for Rising Housing Prices

3 reps of 155lbs deadlifts! :)If you don't know what deadlifts are, I've attached my own pictures here for your reference. :) (You can probably see that I was biting my lips for my final lift.)Honestly, 155lbs in the lifting world is so…