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End Game: 5 lessons learned from this tax season

I did somehow to squeeze a night out to watch the End Game. I was caught off guard by the ending. Like everyone else, my small logical mind was trying to make sense of the storyline.  Oh well, I am not going to give any spoiler here.…
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Do You Recognize These Six Tax Changes for 2018?

Have you ever heard of the term Fear of missing out (aka FOMO)? FOMO is part of the reason why most of us are so addicted to social media. We’re worried that we’re missing out something, which for the most part, is nothing. This…
end of tax season

End of Tax Season- 3 Quotes to Keep You Motivated as an Entrepreneur

Today is April 20, 2018, 10 days away from the end of 2018’s tax season. Instead of talking about tax and accounting (which I am getting a bit sick of at this point ? ), I want to take this opportunity to thank my team, who’s the most…