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Ontario Landlord Watch Conference & 3 Common HST Scenarios When Building a New House

Today, I got the opportunity to speak to Kayla, the founder of a group called Ontario Landlord Watch. She has started Ontario Landlord Watch initiative since 2010, acting as a voice to our government advocating fairness among landlords and…
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5 HST Planning Tips for Developers and Builders

This summer has been tough. A close client passed away suddenly at the age of 52, leaving his wife, his children, his family, friends and JV partners all in shock. At the visitation of his funeral, packed with his friends and families,…
buying Pre-construction Homes
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Case Study Follow Up: 5 Lessons Learned from Lily Buying MULTIPLE Pre-construction Homes

This is a special week for our family. We got to celebrate Fathers day with my father-in-law. We got to welcome the family of Sharmein, who’s our kids’ nanny, to our house. They arrived Tuesday evening. Sharmein understandably…
7 Steps You Must Take When Setting Up a New Corporation
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7 Steps You Must Take When Setting Up a New Corporation

Thursday is the election day in Ontario. It is so disheartening to see how much "new spending" is promised across all parties. Liberals don't look like they have a chance, but the options remaining aren't any better. This Global &…
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5 Lessons Learned From $600 Million Unpaid Taxes

I hope everyone had a great May long weekend. We spent our weekend at one of our favourite cousin's wedding. My kids were the ring bearer and flower girl. They had never been to a wedding before, let alone being part of the party.…

Birthday Celebration & 2 recent court cases on New Residential Housing Rebate

I passed another birthday during our week at the cottage. When we got back, Erwin, being a wonderful husband, took me to Blacktree Restaurant in Burlington to celebrate.   It was a fantastic dinner, I enjoyed every single bit of it.…

New Residential Housing Rebates: You May Lose Them in These 4 Common Scenarios

On this past Election Day, I ended the 6 week fitness challenge at our gym. We did a few workouts and achieved all our personal records on certain lifts. I did 185lbs deadlift x 3 reps (never had I done this weight before, let alone…
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4 Recent Tax Updates That Would Affect Principal Residence Deduction

It’s getting cold. Before it gets to freezing cold, we took our kids to a nearby farm to pick apples this past weekend. As we parked our car to enter the farm, we saw two bus loads of Chinese tourists entering the farm. I don’t…
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Principal Residence Exemption - Part1: What I learned from the most recent Professional Development course

March break is underway. With the interest rate reduction announced earlier by Bank of Canada, spring market seems to be hotter than ever. Many people are interested in investing in this real estate market, especially the condo market. Recently…