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Why I Learned from My Mistake (And Maybe You Should Too)

I made a mistake. It’s sad but I made a mistake.  It was the last week of November. In a week or so, our family would be going on vacation in the south. Canadian winter is hard to predict.  Sometimes, you get snow in…
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3 Short Videos on How to Pay Less Tax and Stay on the Right Side of the Tax Man

Snowstorms, extreme cold weather alerts, school closures, kids sick… those are just a few things that we, Canadians, have battled with this past week. Kids ain't afraid of the cold. Had so much fun making snow angel and sleeping in the…
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The Ugly Truth About CRA HST New Housing Rebates

My dad, being the grandpa, hadn’t seen my kids for years, until last month. My kids are just three and four years old, and they don’t know any better.  When we go shopping at a store, they generally don’t ask to get anything. When…
New home tax
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Answered: Your Most Burning Tax Questions About Building a New House

November was a fun month. We attended my brother’s wedding in Hong Kong, and we got to spend a week with a bunch of close friends on a 7-day cruise. As always, I’m incredibly grateful for the help of my team to allow me to take a long…
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How to Maximize HST Claims When Purchasing a New Vehicle

My cousin got married in May 2016 in Hong Kong. Robin was 2.5 years old, and Bruce was 10-month-old at the time. We would have cramped in a less than 800 square foot condo one bathroom with a total of 4 adults and two kids with my family…
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Contractors: Here’s a Quick Guide to Progress Billing

Thank you for the overwhelming feedback for my last week’s blog post about my dad. I am extremely grateful to be able to share such an inspiring life story. I consider myself as a gritty person because I have the best examples in my life…

Ontario Landlord Watch Conference & 3 Common HST Scenarios When Building a New House

Today, I got the opportunity to speak to Kayla, the founder of a group called Ontario Landlord Watch. She has started Ontario Landlord Watch initiative since 2010, acting as a voice to our government advocating fairness among landlords…
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5 HST Planning Tips for Developers and Builders

This summer has been tough. A close client passed away suddenly at the age of 52, leaving his wife, his children, his family, friends and JV partners all in shock. At the visitation of his funeral, packed with his friends and families,…
buying Pre-construction Homes
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Case Study Follow Up: 5 Lessons Learned from Lily Buying MULTIPLE Pre-construction Homes

This is a special week for our family. We got to celebrate Fathers day with my father-in-law. We got to welcome the family of Sharmein, who’s our kids’ nanny, to our house. They arrived Tuesday evening. Sharmein understandably…
7 Steps You Must Take When Setting Up a New Corporation
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7 Steps You Must Take When Setting Up a New Corporation

Thursday is the election day in Ontario. It is so disheartening to see how much "new spending" is promised across all parties. Liberals don't look like they have a chance, but the options remaining aren't any better. This Global &…