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How a 220sf Condo Got 724% Return in 5 Years

It’s March break.  Between losing one hour of sleep and driving the kids around, I’m deep into tax season reviewing files and answering clients’ questions. It’s busy and difficult.  We’re super grateful that the local…
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How to Become Financially Secure When You’re Not a Millionaire

It’s 2019. As an entrepreneur, I just completed my annual goal review and goal setting exercise. One of the things I noticed from my review was that I had been lazy in 2018 – didn’t follow much of my regular morning routine. …
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Retiring on Real Estate

Real Estate is still the best retirement option you can find out there. Erwin and I are a very fortunate couple.  In the past few years, we have been able to enjoy a week with our family at our friends’ family cottages up north. This…