Quickbooks Online for Real Estate Investors

Set up a simple bookkeeping system that takes the anxiety out of taxes

Quickbooks Online is powerful and big. It will get the job done for you, but you have to know how to set it up to serve you effectively. So I create a course called “Quickbooks Online for Real Estate Investors.” This course packages it all together to give you a head start. Where every other investor fumbles their way through setting up accounting software to meet their specific needs, this course zips you right to the important features and functions that you need as a real estate investor. Let me explain what “Quickbooks for Real Estate Investors” is and how it will help you.

  • Keep track of all your properties in one place.
  • Access your accounts anywhere using your phone.
  • No more little papers everywhere! Record all of your receipts digitally.
  • Breeze through monthly reconciling by syncing your bank accounts.
  • Slice through the typical tedious technical details of setting up accounting software.
  • Get ahead of common confusions and conundrums that other users face in Quickbooks
  • Get paid more for driving! Automatically track mileage.
  • Stay on top of late rent, leasing commissions and large expenses.
  • Feel the pulse of your business. Run reports with the click of a button.
  • Year end becomes one simple click and your accountant does the rest.

I want you to have a quick, easy to use bookkeeping system that takes the anxiety out of month end reconciliation and year end reports. But it’s so important to make sure Quickbooks Online is set up for your specific needs as a real estate investor.

If you like the full consultation experience, you can book one of the registered accountants on my team for $3997+ HST. That gives you the course and three, one hour sessions where my team walks you through setting up Quickbooks Online.

Or you can set it up independently.

This may seem a little bold, but I guarantee, if you follow the course and take the time to do everything we teach, you will have a full, real estate investor specialized accounting and bookkeeping system ready and roaring.

Or you can just order the course and do it yourself.