What Everybody Should Know About Doug Ford's Tax Change
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What Everybody Should Know About Doug Ford's Tax Change

Joanne and I, and 80 other entrepreneurs spent two days at the Rock Star Entrepreneur Summit in Oakville. Over the past few years, I've attended at least five different conferences. I'm just blown away by how practical the information is…
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One Tip on Startup & 5 Tax Considerations Buying a place for University Kids

We are back at the Realtor Quest this year. This is our third year at the event. It's always interesting to meet a few familiar faces and so many new faces. One realtor that I spoke with last year came up to say hi to me. He thanked…
Lessons Learned from Tax Season

5 Lessons Learned from Tax Season

HoHoHo!  April finally passed! I must thank my entire team for pulling through this tax season with me.  It’s not easy, and we have a lot of room for improvements. What better way to celebrate the end of tax season and the beginning…
7 bookkeeping mistakes
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7 Bookkeeping Mistakes a Real Estate Agent (and All Taxpayers) Should Avoid

Many people asked me how I did it – writing blog posts every single week for the last 3.5 years, accumulating over 150 blog posts today.  Trust me, it hasn’t been easy. I look everywhere for materials that can be relevant to my followers,…
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Top 10 Deductions a Real Estate Investor Should not Miss [Revisited]

2018 is an exciting year. I shared with all of you in an earlier blog post about my 'why', my reason for doing all that I do, which is to be the best I can be. To do this with my accounting practice, I’ve made some plans to provide…

A Secret to Achieving Success & 2 Court Cases to Help You Determine Your Eligibility for Business Expense Deductions

People always say that if you want to achieve your goals, the fastest way is to learn from those who came before us. Like doing wall walk at the gym, for the longest time I couldn’t do this movement.  Thanks to my awesome coach Rachael…