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Quit Your Job With Just Two Rental Properties

It was Erwin’s birthday the past weekend.  He just turned 40.  We went out with a bunch of friends to this place that we could do archery, throw some knives and axes as well, it was so much fun!  His big 40th birthday…
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How a 220sf Condo Got 724% Return in 5 Years

It’s March break.  Between losing one hour of sleep and driving the kids around, I’m deep into tax season reviewing files and answering clients’ questions. It’s busy and difficult.  We’re super grateful that the local…

Top 6 Considerations When Buying a Rental Property in Your Adult Child’s Name

I always knew I wanted to go to University of Waterloo, despite my parents don’t really know much about it at the time. My dad lives in Hong Kong. All he had heard of was University of Toronto. I always lived off campus, except my master…