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10 Lessons Learned From Analyzing Commercial Properties

A couple of weeks ago, Erwin and his friends found a mixed-used property that they’re interested in. The property is located on a busy street, across the street from a site that was sold to a developer.  This site will be home to a future…
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6 Little Known Facts About Structuring Joint Venture Deal in Real Estate

Back to school week! My daughter is in Junior Kindergarten this year. Since she had been in half day daycare five days a week last year, I didn’t expect to get emotional when she’s off to the full-day kindergarten on Tuesday. I…
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If You Can Read ABC You Can Become a Millionaire: A Tribute to The Grittiest Role Model in My Life

Summer is fun. It is fun taking the kids around town to enjoy different activities. Summer is also about learning as well. I learned about Grit this summer, and my kids learned how to swim. And I used what I learned from Grit: The Power of…
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5 HST Planning Tips for Developers and Builders

This summer has been tough. A close client passed away suddenly at the age of 52, leaving his wife, his children, his family, friends and JV partners all in shock. At the visitation of his funeral, packed with his friends and families,…

Greatness Begins Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Toronto Raptors traded DeMar DeRozan to San Antonio Spurs. ☹ DeMar DeRozan, who’s the Mr. Toronto, was the best player in the history of Raptors. Unlike any other players, he did not interview other teams when his contract ended with…
Canadian Real Estate

The Secret of Understanding Canadian Real Estate Market

A single parking space in Hong Kong has sold for $765,000 according to this Toronto Star article. $765K Canadian Dollars! My parents bought a couple of parking spots in Hong Kong for self-use for $367K late last year. Of course, my…
Tax Questions
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6 Common Tax Questions Asked by Top 200 Realtors & Investors

Happy Mother's day to all of you. It's a special year this year. I finally got to spend my mother's day with my mom, the superhero in my life. 😊 She's in town to visit for a week, spending some quality time with us and enjoying…
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Case Study: 5 Lessons Learned From Lily Buying a Pre-Construction Detached Home

I guess I wrote a somewhat controversial blog post last week, causing a few comments on the Facebook. For the parents out there with young kids, I want to make this point clear – I am not opposed to free daycare.   I have two young…
federal budget 2018

Important Update on the Federal Budget 2018

I went to a conference in sunny San Diego for a few days last week. Like all the other conferences that I have been too, I learned a lot. Some are life lessons from Damon John and Dave Asprey, some are technical skills from various experts.…
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Retiring on Real Estate

Real Estate is still the best retirement option you can find out there. Erwin and I are a very fortunate couple.  In the past few years, we have been able to enjoy a week with our family at our friends’ family cottages up north. This…