5 Federal Budget Changes that Real Estate Investors Should be Aware Of

Last week, the Trudeau government came out with their budget for the first time. As a mother of two, I get upset at any tax and benefit cut against our children. There is no more Child Fitness Tax Credit (currently $1,000 maximum x 15%…
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6 Tax Changes Coming in 2016 that Will Affect Your Real Estate Investing

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone got to enjoy the holidays as much as I did. I surely had a great time hosting a large Christmas party for our family this year. Thanks to Tony, my brother-in-law, we were able to enjoy some delicious…

A Quick Look at the Federal Budget – How Does it Affect Us All?

A couple days ago when I was driving to Toronto to visit a client, I heard Justin Trudeau’s radio comment about how much he doesn’t like the new Family Tax Cut and how it makes the rich richer. And he will definitely cancel this Family Tax…