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Grow Real Estate Portfolio and Get Asset Protection Without Losing Sleep at Night

It was Saturday morning and I was still sore very sort from the work out the previous week. I started browsing the yoga classes schedule available to do some stretching and realized that there was a kids’ yoga class for 5 years old and…
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A Simple Way to Minimize Taxes That Works for Airbnb Owners

New year resolution is tough. Waking up early is tough when you have an event the previous night. I’m already falling off the waggon on the 2nd week of January. But… it was a lot of fun doing a presentation on Airbnb.  I spent…
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How to Become Financially Secure When You’re Not a Millionaire

It’s 2019. As an entrepreneur, I just completed my annual goal review and goal setting exercise. One of the things I noticed from my review was that I had been lazy in 2018 – didn’t follow much of my regular morning routine. …
New home tax
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Answered: Your Most Burning Tax Questions About Building a New House

November was a fun month. We attended my brother’s wedding in Hong Kong, and we got to spend a week with a bunch of close friends on a 7-day cruise. As always, I’m incredibly grateful for the help of my team to allow me to take a long…
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6 Simple Ways to Create Freedom that Works for Real Estate Investors

I had a rare and candid business conversation with my dad and Erwin one night. He asked us about our numbers and how our businesses are structured. He was fascinated that we could be away for two weeks while our businesses are still running…
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The Danger of Reporting Multiple Years of Losses

A couple of months ago, I met with a real estate investor for an initial consultation. As part of the process, I asked him what his long-term goals are.  He said, “I would like to give up my job one day to volunteer full time and give…
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How to Pay 13.5% Small Business Tax on Rental Income

Did you see this headline – “Liberal government writes off $1.1B US loan, plus interest, docs show” on MSN.com? Federal government wrote off a loan made to Chrysler during the 2009 global economic meltdown. I believe in making progress…
Flipping house

Here’s How to Keep More Money Even When Flips Went Wrong

My kids and I have a night time routine before they go to sleep. As part of the routine, I ask them what they are thankful for every night before I put them down to sleep, hoping that this little habit will prepare them to be grateful for…
7 Steps You Must Take When Setting Up a New Corporation
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7 Steps You Must Take When Setting Up a New Corporation

Thursday is the election day in Ontario. It is so disheartening to see how much "new spending" is promised across all parties. Liberals don't look like they have a chance, but the options remaining aren't any better. This Global &…
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5 Lessons Learned From $600 Million Unpaid Taxes

I hope everyone had a great May long weekend. We spent our weekend at one of our favourite cousin's wedding. My kids were the ring bearer and flower girl. They had never been to a wedding before, let alone being part of the party.…