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Estate Planning Tip: Be Aware of these Pitfalls Using this Strategy to Avoid Probate & My Miracle Morning Routine Revealed

I listened to the audiobook The Miracle Morning written by Hal Elroy.  It was nothing that I didn’t hear before, but it serves as a great reminder for me to continue my early morning commitment. Recently I have been slacking a bit with my early morning wake up.  Instead of 4:30am, I now wake up […]

The Bright Side of Self Reflection

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there celebrating it. It was Mother’s Day celebration at my kids’ part time Daycare this week. Both of my kids go to the same school on different days so I got to have two celebrations this week. It just so happened that I was also booked to go to […]

Canada Pension Plan: A good or bad investment?

I’ve been doing cross-fit for three years on and off.  I still consider myself a beginner but I have to say, I’m a more experienced beginner now than a couple years back.  There’re still lots of movements that I can’t do, such as handstand push-ups and pull-ups.   Every year, Cross-fit hosts an open workout competition […]