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The Quickest and Easiest Guide to Understand 2019 Federal Budget for Real Estate Investors

I walked into a Rogers store this week looking for a new phone.  I had been using Blackberry KeyOne for the last year and a half.  The phone is still great, but it just doesn’t give me much flexibility doing videos. I searched online, I read some reviews and really don’t know what I wanted.  […]

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How a 220sf Condo Got 724% Return in 5 Years

It’s March break.  Between losing one hour of sleep and driving the kids around, I’m deep into tax season reviewing files and answering clients’ questions. It’s busy and difficult.  We’re super grateful that the local Burlington Mall has so many activities to offer.  Our kids even got to take pix with their favourite cartoon characters.  […]

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Why I Learned from My Mistake (And Maybe You Should Too)

I made a mistake. It’s sad but I made a mistake.  It was the last week of November. In a week or so, our family would be going on vacation in the south. Canadian winter is hard to predict.  Sometimes, you get snow in November and sometimes, you don’t. I was scrambling to find someone […]

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Do You Recognize These Six Tax Changes for 2018?

Have you ever heard of the term Fear of missing out (aka FOMO)? FOMO is part of the reason why most of us are so addicted to social media. We’re worried that we’re missing out something, which for the most part, is nothing. This is especially serious when it comes down to parenting. Kids don’t […]

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How to Split Income From Your Real Estate Portfolio Under the New Income Splitting Rule

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! It has been quite a week getting back from the sunny south to this winter wonderland. I just had a great conversation with my tax mentor, a retired partner at Deloitte to discuss the possibility of setting up a family trust to own my future businesses. In our previous blog post, […]

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3 Short Videos on How to Pay Less Tax and Stay on the Right Side of the Tax Man

Snowstorms, extreme cold weather alerts, school closures, kids sick… those are just a few things that we, Canadians, have battled with this past week. These are the moments that I am grateful for technologies, such as online meeting apps and video recordings.  I use them to communicate with my clients face to face, I use […]

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You Don’t Have to Buy a Jet like Grant Cardone to Avoid Paying Tax

I listened to Grant Cardone’s book the 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure.  It was intriguing.  His idea was that we could set a goal a lot higher than what we think we could achieve, and you could still achieve it with the pretty much same amount of effort. Not that I […]

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Grow Real Estate Portfolio and Get Asset Protection Without Losing Sleep at Night

It was Saturday morning and I was still sore very sort from the work out the previous week. I started browsing the yoga classes schedule available to do some stretching and realized that there was a kids’ yoga class for 5 years old and up.  Stretching and spending time with kids?!  Bonus! But… Bruce is […]