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How to Deduct Your Home Mortgage Interest Using the Cash Flow from Your Rental Properties

For the majority of Canadians, we start our investing journey with saving up a sufficient downpayment to buy our first home. Over time, we pay down our mortgage. Our properties appreciate in value. Some people choose to pay off their mortgage as quickly as possible, hoping to live a mortgage free life. Sean Cooper, recently featured […]


How to Pay Yourself and Defer Taxes with Your Income Properties

“Can I charge myself property management fees?” Many Canadian real estate investors have asked me this, or similar questions, before. You know this type of real estate investor. They manage their properties directly. They spend the time commuting back and forth, showing the properties, obtaining contractor quotes, inspecting their rental portfolios, resolving disputes among tenants, […]

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Bruce Wayne’s Future Education: Why the 20% “free money” from the government really isn’t worth it?!

Hello real estate investors, We have nicknamed our son Bruce, Bruce Wayne (Batman), ever since we found out he’s a boy from the ultrasound. We are so used to this name that we decided to name him Bruce. Too bad we are not parents of the fictional Bruce Wayne, because we really wouldn’t need to […]