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How Would Federal Election Result Affect Your Tax Bill

It’s been a crazy few weeks here at my office. Between finalizing the Wealth Hacker Conference program and presentation for the day, to presenting at a few events, it’s was a hectic month.  One of the presentation topics was how the Federal election result affect our tax bills.  Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party campaigned on quite a […]

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8 Ways to Increase Cash Flow from Real Estate Portfolio

I work exclusively with real estate investors and real estate agents. We all believe that real estate investing is a long-term investment vehicle. Most of us start by refinancing our own home, pull out some equity (borrow against our house), and invest. As long as our return on investment is higher than the added interest […]

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4 Most Asked Questions About Travel Expense Answered!

This week, I’m in the wonderful city of Edmonton. In my line of work, I don’t get to travel very often.  We may travel to attend conferences, but rarely we need to leave the comfort of our own home to visit different cities. When I get the invitation to speak to a group of real […]

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The Proven Cash System That Works With All Entrepreneurs

On Wednesday, I got to attend a local Entrepreneur Organization Accelerator training day.  Entrepreneur Organization (EO) is a global entrepreneur network that helps small business owners to grow through networking and peer to peer learning.  Participants need to have a minimum revenue requirement to join EO.  My business isn’t there yet. 😉 That’s also the […]

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How to Hire Your Children and Split Income Legitimately

It has been an exciting week here at my household. Both kids are off to school. Yep, both Robin and Bruce are officially in full-day Kindergarten. We got a letter from his school about Bruce’s class placement. He didn’t get into the class we requested. You’re probably thinking now… Cherry must be one of those helicopter […]

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The HST Risk Hiding in Converting Commercial to Residential Units

Do you feel a bit chilly these days? It’s last week of August and we’re already at the low twenties.  Robin, my older kid, is counting down her days to start her Senior Kindergarten year.  I hope she would still look forward to starting school when she gets older.  Bruce, my son, on the other […]

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Why Incorporate When You Can Invest in RRSP?

You may have already known, I am an accountant. This means that I have to look at numbers all the time. I have always been equipped with two monitors, one from my laptop and one extra monitor. Recently I had the opportunity to upgrade my monitor.  I selected the 32” curved monitor from Samsung, a […]

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5 Reasons Why My Airbnb Doesn’t Generate As Much Income As Others

Airbnb is a great way to earn extra money.  It has become some of my clients’ side hustle.  A few of my clients become full-time Airbnb operators. We’ve heard how great Airbnb is and I’ve seen some crazy numbers. One of our properties was vacant at the time.  Erwin wanted to give it a try.  […]

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How to Pay Zero Personal Tax and Receive $30K Income Every Year

The first time I’ve heard of Jesse Itzler was at the Grant Cardone 10x Event earlier this year. Erwin and I were so fascinated by his speech and I immediately ordered his New York Times Best Selling book, Living with a Seal and the book written by this seal, David Goggins, Can’t Hurt Me: Master […]