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8 Top Support Measures Provided to Tenants, Self-employed individuals, and Small Business Owners

It’s been a roller coaster ride since last week.  New coronavirus cases are announced everyday.   It feels like government policies are changing by the minute.   March break has been extended.  Canada is shutting down the border.  New death toll announced in Italy. New measures are imposed to get ahead of the curve.   Everyone is on […]

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7 tips to prepare for coronavirus as real estate investors

A couple weeks ago, when the stock market went down substantially, one fellow real estate investor made a comment saying that her real estate investment didn’t get affected and it was still going up and up.  At the time, coronavirus hadn’t been considered a pandemic yet.  My perspective was slightly different.  My family and friends […]

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How to Qualify for 100% Financing Using Business Income

It’s been a bit of a stressful period since the Wealth Hacker Conference last year.  We decided that it was time to have our office space shortly after. This means we must make the decision on renting vs. buying, where we would look and potentially qualifying for financing. It didn’t take much time for me […]

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Little Known Tax Traps When Helping Out Your Kids with Investment Properties

Can you believe it is already February?  It took me the entire month to get to my routine, hitting the gym 3x a week following an online training program and trying to learn swimming along the way. Fitness goal has always been one of the toughest goals to achieve.  It requires pigheaded determination and commitment.  […]

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How to Qualify for Best Mortgage Terms Using Corporations

Many of you would have known, English is my second language. It shows in my writing style, it shows when I talk. My mother tongue is Cantonese.  I can speak both Cantonese and Mandarin.  I learned English in Hong Kong, but no one really spoke English to me, naturally it wasn’t great.  I just didn’t […]

How to Put Rent Collection on Autopilot

“I was in Qingdao a few years ago.  I was at this temple that Laozi was in thousands of years ago, stood at the same place.  It was very interesting,” said Jean, an 80-year-old store associate at Indigo, as she continued to wrap the 5 presents.  When she described her China trip, her face glowed.  […]

3 Simple Strategies to Make the Best 2020

Happy Boxing Day everyone.  I’m writing this blog post as I was sitting at the New Orleans International Airport waiting to board my flight back to Toronto again the second time.  We left our cruise trip bright and early the day before, boarded the plane and we were disembarked due to mechanical issue.  No words […]