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5 Factors to Decide your Real Estate Investment Strategy

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there. We’re Chinese. We celebrated with dim sum brunch with all the Moms from my side of the family, followed by a feast at my aunt’s place.  It was a lot of fun.  Of course, the Kawhi Leonard shot was the cherry on top.  😉 I […]

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End Game: 5 lessons learned from this tax season

I did somehow to squeeze a night out to watch the End Game. I was caught off guard by the ending. Like everyone else, my small logical mind was trying to make sense of the storyline.  Oh well, I am not going to give any spoiler here. 😉 Speaking of End Game, it’s also the […]

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The End Game: How to retire using real estate investments

No, I haven’t watched the End game yet.  I am excited about it and we got tickets for next week, but I have not watched it yet.  😊  But it’s such a perfect name for today’s blog post.  Recently, I’m listening to the book called Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good […]

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7 Best Back-Office Practices A Real Estate Investor Should Adopt – Part 2

It’s Ontario’s budget date.  When the Federal budget was released, the message from the Fed was to spend, spend and spend. Ontario, however, has a pre-budget message to cut, cut and cut.  Cutting taxes and cutting funding for schools and health care. It does hurt to cut back on expenses, regardless of how you look […]

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7 Best Back-Office Practices A Real Estate Investor Should Adopt – Part 1 

I saw this post a while ago on my FB feed.  A friend of mine wanted to “stop” Doug Ford to cut OSAP.  It’s old news now, cutting teachers is the new news.  😉 Most of us only read the news from its title/headline.  If you see the title of Doug Ford cutting OSAP, I […]

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Quit Your Job With Just Two Rental Properties

It was Erwin’s birthday the past weekend.  He just turned 40.  We went out with a bunch of friends to this place that we could do archery, throw some knives and axes as well, it was so much fun!  His big 40th birthday also reminded me that how young we were when we first met […]

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The Quickest and Easiest Guide to Understand 2019 Federal Budget for Real Estate Investors

I walked into a Rogers store this week looking for a new phone.  I had been using Blackberry KeyOne for the last year and a half.  The phone is still great, but it just doesn’t give me much flexibility doing videos. I searched online, I read some reviews and really don’t know what I wanted.  […]

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How a 220sf Condo Got 724% Return in 5 Years

It’s March break.  Between losing one hour of sleep and driving the kids around, I’m deep into tax season reviewing files and answering clients’ questions. It’s busy and difficult.  We’re super grateful that the local Burlington Mall has so many activities to offer.  Our kids even got to take pix with their favourite cartoon characters.  […]

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Why I Learned from My Mistake (And Maybe You Should Too)

I made a mistake. It’s sad but I made a mistake.  It was the last week of November. In a week or so, our family would be going on vacation in the south. Canadian winter is hard to predict.  Sometimes, you get snow in November and sometimes, you don’t. I was scrambling to find someone […]