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Tax Man Doesn’t Want You to Read This Court Case

Recently, I saw a headline, “Condo flippers beware: The taxman is watching you, and has new tools at his disposal to ‘take action’” on Financial Post. It’s an interesting case as the court sided with the taxpayer’s position.  Before I go into the nitty-gritty of the case, let’s revisit the basic tax concept. When you […]

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4 Reasons I Switched to A Fixed Rate Mortgage

If you don’t know already, the interest rate for a 4-year term mortgage was dropped to 2.95% for rental properties and 2.75% for a primary residence. I saw a few of these Facebook posts and I immediately reached out to my bank advisor. We had always been opted in for variable interest rate. Variable interest […]

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4 Shocking Tax Mistakes Killing Your Real Estate Investments

Rich Dad Poor Dad is the legendary book that got both Erwin and me started in the journey of real estate investing. So, when my mother-in-law attended a Rich Dad Poor Dad workshop in Hong Kong recently, I was surprised.  In the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, it teaches you to invest in real estate, […]

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How to Write Off 100% of Your Car and Save $22,826 of Tax Immediately

Raptors won! It was a nice surprise to hear “let’s go Raptors” when they’re playing in Oakland, Golden State Warriors’ home court. It gave me chills when I saw online that there were a dozen of Raptors fan gather in Golden State Warriors’ stadium singing “O Canada” after Game 3. I grew up in Hong […]

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Why Cheat on Tax When You Can Get the Money Back Legitimately

It was such an exciting experience to finally speak on Realtor Quest’s stage on Thursday.  I wouldn’t say that I was sharing a stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, but hey, my picture is on the same page as his on the promotional material! Of course, armed with my speaker badge, I was hoping to get a […]

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Why Robert Kiyosaki said Everyone Needs to Know Accounting to Achieve Financial Freedom

Raptors won last night at Game 5 and I’m in a great mood today. When everyone expected them to lose, they came out with a win in an away game at Milwaukee.  It’s almost as if we broke the curse. They didn’t start off the series right.  They lost their winnable Game 1 and then […]

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5 Factors to Decide your Real Estate Investment Strategy

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there. We’re Chinese. We celebrated with dim sum brunch with all the Moms from my side of the family, followed by a feast at my aunt’s place.  It was a lot of fun.  Of course, the Kawhi Leonard shot was the cherry on top.  😉 I […]

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End Game: 5 lessons learned from this tax season

I did somehow to squeeze a night out to watch the End Game. I was caught off guard by the ending. Like everyone else, my small logical mind was trying to make sense of the storyline.  Oh well, I am not going to give any spoiler here. 😉 Speaking of End Game, it’s also the […]