Erwin and I went golfing with his cousins this weekend.  

It was hot, there was a heat warning. 

Despite the heat, it was a lot of fun golfing as couple scramble.   

I stopped by at Harvey’s for lunch before the golf game.  Harvey’s, the fast food chain, always has a special place in my heart.  

When I first migrated to Canada 20+ years ago, still in my teens, I barely spoke English.  We stopped by at Harvey’s to order a quick meal in the early days.  

I ordered the combo and was ushered over to select toppings and sauce for my burger.  

At that time, I could only say lettuce, tomato and ketchup.  I had no idea what mayo and pickle were called in English and could not even order them. 

It was still one of the best burgers I had in my memory.  (It didn’t taste the same this past weekend though.)

Sometimes, we all need to stop, take a moment, look back, acknowledge how far we have come.

My family slept on the dirty carpet for 3 weeks in this old condo that we rented, thinking we could get into AY Jackson, the best high school in North York.  It turned out we were located on the wrong side of the street and ended up at the worst rated high school in the district.  

We walked to the corner of Finch and Don Mills to use the public phone before Bell could eventually come out to install our home phone. 

My mom came home with tears from work the first winter, in her leather jacket, in wet snow, all soaked, wondering why she even agreed to come to Canada in the first place.  She didn’t know that wet snow and a leather jacket weren’t a good combo. 

I could recall probably a dozen more of these stories…but here we are, 20+ years later. 😊 

Everyone starts somewhere.  Everyone has his/her own humble beginning. 

No different from what we do in our real estate investment and stock hacking. 

I started with the one townhouse in Toronto.  We learn bit by bit and accumulate one by one.  

Sometimes there’s set back.  We sold a house last year, with virtually no rental income but headaches coming in for 4 years of ownership.  

Sometimes we have a slam dunk.  Just like the Toronto townhouse that I started my journey with – it had financed the purchase of 4 investment properties.  It also provided the security that we needed to take on more risk in our businesses.  

We’re no doubt extremely fortunate.  We learn to take risk, take action, learn and improve, one step at a time. 

For those of you who’re starting out, it’s important to take one step at a time.  Just one small step.  

20 years later, you’ll just be as surprised by how much you’ve accomplished. 

Until next time, happy Canadian Real Estate Investing.

Cherry Chan, CPA, CA

Your Real Estate Accountant

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